- What if you don’t have what I am looking for?

We love sourcing new products to add to our collection.  We will do our best to locate the product that you are after for your event.

 - What if I don’t know what I am looking for?

Lauren, the ‘lighting consultant’ part of the team is happy to help you with ideas for your event. We have our stock, our own images as examples and a collection of photographs for inspo and we can go from there! We will create a solution that satisfies visual appeal and your budget.

- What if my venue has no power?

No problem at all, don’t you worry about that! Let us take care of that for you. We have temporary electricity solutions for venues without power such as outdoor events.

- Do you provide power for everything or only the lighting?

If you need power, just say the word, we can supply it for you! We can come and do an electrical audit to ensure all your power needs are met. This may include audio and catering power.

- What if my venue has restrictions on what can be installed?

We are more than happy to work together with your venue to come up with a solution.

- Do you provide quotes?

We can, but we need your help as we will need to know as much information about the venue as possible. For an accurate quote, we need to take a few things into consideration such as the size of the venue, power availability and of course the lighting you would like. 

- I have someone in mind to provide other services, will you
work with them?

Of course! We look forward to collaborating with other members of the industry.

- Do you set up the lights?

Absolutely! Our team will take care of that for you. We will work within the time constraints of your venue and other services to set up electrics and lighting and then return to bring it down.  Wade, an experienced and qualified electrician (EC009925), will ensure all lighting is installed to meet safety standards.

- Will you travel to locations outside of Perth?

You bet! Who doesn’t love a road trip?

- What sort of events do you do?

Any! Weddings, parties, community events, private events, baby showers, first birthdays, 60th birthdays etc. etc.! We love a party!